domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Ambiethernum in AMBIENT VISIONS

Michael Foster, editor of Ambient Visions (e-zine especializado en musica ambient) ha publicado una reseña del ultimo trabajo de Psicodreamics titulado Ambiethernum. Michael comenta: "Salva es un compositor muy competente y su enigmatico estilo de musica habilmente combina ambos estilos de musica dramaticos y cinematicos con los elementos mas atmosfericos que muestra a traves de este CD. Un lanzamiento recomendado". Puedes leer la reseña completa (en ingles) pinchando aqui.

Acerca de Ambient Visions:

Our mission as a website is to offer a place where those interested in ambient, new age, electronica, electronic, space, world and experimental music might come to and learn the latest news, read an interview with those who make the music, read reviews of the latest and some classic music of the genre and to find links to destinations all over the web. We wanted to become a resource for the community and to offer links to the many other resources a musician or listener might need. As time goes on I hope to make AV one of those names that you remember because you found the information that you were looking for when you visited the site.

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